About Profivex®


Vetnique Labs offers a premium probiotic for dogs and cats - Profivex®.  Containing FIVE of the most beneficial strains of probiotics for pets plus FIVE Billion CFUs per serving! Profivex supports a healthy digestive tract in dogs and cats by establishing a healthy microflora (good bacteria) in the digestive tract. Healthy bacteria help prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria that can often lead to diarrhea, gas, bloating, or other digestive problems.  

Profivex® also contains two prebiotics including FOS and sweet potato.  Prebiotics provide the food and nutrients necessary for the probiotic strains in Profivex to flourish in your pet's digestive tract.  The added benefits of sweet potato in Profivex is that it adds a beneficial amount of fiber to your pet's diet everyday, plus it's packed with healthy vitamins and minerals! The fiber in Profivex further supports optimal digestive health for your pet and is one of the reasons why Profivex is veterinarian recommended.

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