The Furbliss Multi-Functional Brush is the most innovative and multi-functional brush available for pets. It took years of extensive scientific research in order to achieve the right design to work effectively on breed specific coats and fur types. Options are available for all furry animals including all breeds of dogs, cats, pocket pets, rabbits, and even horses. The patented two-sided Furbliss design has multiple functions and can be used wet or dry.

Veterinarian & Groomer Recommended

Traditional pet brushes are made out of metal, steel, or wire which most pets resist because they physically cause pain, discomfort, and damage to your pet's skin. Furbliss is recommended by veterinarians and groomers because it is safe, stimulates your pet's circulation, muscles, and joints. 

    English Bulldog - Glandex Anal Gland Supplements for Dogs and Cats

    • Best brush for pets with skin allergies (atopy)
    • Stimulates circulation, muscles, and joints

    PROFESSIONAL Grooming Products 

    Our Furbliss line of professional grooming products are perfect to use with the Furbliss Silicone Pet Brush for a relaxing massage and bath treatment. Our Furbliss Grooming Products use premium ingredients and luxurious botanical extracts to moisturize and deodorize the skin and coat, leaving it shiny, healthy and smelling great. (With no wet pet smell!)

    Furbliss Professional Pet Grooming and Brushes - Shampoo Conditioner for Dogs and Cats

    Furbliss® BRush Key Features

    • Safe 100% medical grade silicone 
    • Great for routine brushing, deshedding, and shining of the coat 
    • Deep cleaning and exfoliating to remove sebum, crusts, and dander 
    • Creates a luxurious lather, perfect for baths! 
    • Easy to clean, washing machine and dishwasher safe up to 250° F 
    • Removes fur and lint from clothing, furniture, and auto interiors 
    • Made in the USA

    Furbliss Pet BRUSHES & GROOMING

    Furbliss® - Blue Brush for Small Pets with Short Hair- - Vetnique Labs

    Furbliss® Multi-functional Blue Pet Brush

    Small Pets with Short Hair

    Furbliss Refreshing Grooming Wipes for Dogs and Cats - 100 ct - Vetnique Labs

    Furbliss® hygienic Grooming Pet Wipes

    100 Wipes
    Furbliss Deodorizing Invigorating Dog & Cat Shampoo 16 oz. - Vetnique Labs

    Furbliss® Invigorating shampoo for Dogs & Cats

    16 oz Shampoo