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Pill At Will!™

Gulpz™ Probiotic Pill Hiding Treats for Dogs

Gulpz™ are a convenient way to give medications to your pet while providing the benefits of a healthy probiotic supplement and tasty treat all-in-one! The unique, patent-pending Pill Matrix™ design grips and securely hide pills helping you to pill at will!™ This chewable chew provides a pill hiding treat to conceal nearly any pet medication capsule.
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Gulpz Tasty Pill Hiding Probiotic Pet Medication Treats
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Omega fatty acids, antioxidants, & vitamins promote immunity and recovery. 

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Probiotics, prebiotics, & ginger help counteract an upset stomach caused by medication. 

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Great tasting hickory chicken flavor pill hiding treats make it easier to give your pet their medications. 

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Patented Pill Matrix™ design helps grip and securely hide pills. 

Key Features

Gulpz Pill Hiding Probiotic Pill Hidin Treats for Dogs
  • Convenient way to hide and give medications to your pet

  • 450 million CFUs Lactospore® Probiotics & Ginger for gut & immune health

  • Omega Fatty Acids & Antioxidants to promote recovery

  • Veterinarian formulated & recommended

  • Great tasting hickory chicken & easy-to-use

  • All-natural ingredients & made in the USA


How do Gulpz™ work?

Gulpz is veterinarian designed to make giving medications to your pet easier while also supporting their digestive, immune, and overall health. The patent-pending Gulpz Pill Matrix Technology™ helps to grab and hold pills securely in-place ensuring that medications are properly ingested. Gulpz is also formulated with key ingredients including 450M CFUs of probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes to offset the potential for digestive upset that comes with taking certain medications while also supporting overall digestive health and recovery. 

How often can I give Gulpz™?

Gulpz should be used whenever you need to administer medication to your pet, using one chew per pill/tablet. Gulpz can also be given as a healthy treat and as an ongoing basis without medications. That's because Gulpz also works as a probiotic and daily supplement in the form of a tasty and healthy treat!

Can I combine Gulpz™ with other supplements? 

Yes! While Gulpz is certainly tasty and healthy enough to be given daily, you can continue your pet's usual supplement regimen. With that said, you should always consult with your veterinarian about your pet's supplements and specific needs.

What makes Gulpz™ safe? 

Gulpz is veterinarian formulated using only all-natural ingredients. Gulpz is manufactured in the USA at an FDA registered facility and comes with the NASC seal of approval for meeting the highest standards for pet supplements.    

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Gulpz pill treats for dogs

Gulpz™ Pill hiding probiotic treats for Dogs

30 ct Soft Chews

$17.99 USD
Gulpz™ Pill Hiding Probiotic Treats for Dogs - 60 Chews

Gulpz™ Pill hiding probiotic treats for Dogs

60 ct Soft Chews

$27.99 USD


As the name Vetnique® implies, we focus on unique veterinary products for pets. We are a veterinarian owned and founded company, and all of our products are recommended by veterinarians and vet specialists worldwide. As a veterinarian based company, we truly understand the health needs of pets better than others, and that’s what sets us apart.




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