Authorized Sellers

Vetnique Labs® products are guaranteed when purchased through an authorized retailer or seller. All stores and websites listed in our directory are authorized to sell Vetnique Labs products. Purchasing Vetnique Labs products from any other retailer or seller will EXCLUDE your purchase from the Vetnique 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Please Note: This list may not contain all authorized stores, if you have any questions or concerns about a seller or retailer you can always Contact Us (800-643-7558) before your purchase. Just give us the company name, address and telephone number of the retailer you intend to make your purchase from.

Authorized Online Retailers (USA)

Vetnique Labs® is the only authorized seller on the Amazon platform. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of products sold by all other sellers, including
Pet Supplies Plus
Kriser's Natural Pet
Healthy Pets