clear the ear!™

Ear Care for dogs & Cats

Our Oticbliss™ line of ear care products are veterinarian formulated to help pets maintain clean and healthy ears. With soothing and cleansing premium ingredients, Oticbliss products offer a variety of non-medicated and medicated products to gently but effectively control odor, help treat infections, and routinely clean your pet’s ears.

Benefits of Oticbliss™

Oticbliss™ is beneficial for the routine cleaning of pets’ ears as it is formulated to remove odor, debris, and wax buildup. Oticbliss™ products offer pet parents a gentle and easy to use formula to help their pets Clear the Ear™!

Oticbliss™ Benefits

  • Combats unpleasant odor while removing dirt and excess wax
  • Helps reduce irritation, allergy symptoms, and itching
  • Medicated & non-medicated options

Oticbliss Ear Care and Itch Relief Cleaning Flush for Dogs
Furbliss Professional Pet Grooming and Brushes - Shampoo Conditioner for Dogs and Cats

Oticbliss™ Key Features

  • Supports healthy ears in dogs

  • Veterinarian formulated & recommended

  • Gentle & easy-to-use formula

  • Safe for long-term use

  • Made in the USA

  • Helps pets clear the ear!

oticbliss™ ear care for dogs & Cats