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Where would we be without our incredible community of pets and pet parents? These pawsome brand ambassadors are fans and pet health advocates that help us inspire pet families all over the world to thrive with Vetnique!

Scroll at your own risk––you might fall in love at first glance!

Milton & Koda

Milton and Koda the dogs

Meet Milton and Koda: two beautiful 4-year-old German Shorthaired Pointers who live their best lives with their pawrents in South Dakota.

Milton loves peanut butter, green peppers, and carrots while Koda prefers to carb-load on chips and bread. These two energetic pups love the outdoors and spend their time hiking, camping, swimming, and chasing critters out on the prairie. 

Koda & Milton take their Vetnique dog supplements every day to help them thrive! Their vet recommended Glandex for Koda’s overactive anal glands, and mom tells us that it saved them from constant vet visits. As for Milton, his coat gets flaky in winter and he licks his paws, so he takes Dermabliss Omega Chews to help ditch the itch! 

We love the Vetnique products! They truly work and help us live our healthiest lives!


Millie the corgi

Meet Millie, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Newport Beach, California. 

She just turned 1 in November and at just 20-22lbs is smaller than your average Corgi––but that doesn’t mean she won’t steal your heart!

Millie was rescued from Diamond’s Friends Pet Rescue at 10 weeks old. Millie had 60+ applications to adopt her, but the rescue knew she’d have a good home with her new mom (an animal rescue advocate) and dad––who are also pawrents to two kitties. 

Millie is a sweet, social pup who loves playing with her Corgi boyfriend Zeus at the local dog park. While she’s never met a food she doesn’t like, her favorites are celery, carrots, bananas, blueberries, & peanut butter. 

Millie’s anal gland issues used to require regular vet trips for painful manual expressions. Ever since she started taking Glandex, she hasn’t needed a SINGLE manual expression!

It means a lot to us knowing that Vetnique supports the adopt-don’t-shop cause! We absolutely love to see it. Obviously, Millie thriving & loving all of Vetnique’s products is the main plus!


Arlo the dog

Meet Arlo Valentine, a three-year-old Pug who thinks his name is, “You’re so cute!” His family loves him so much that his human sister often jokes that he’s the “favorite child.”

Arlo goes everywhere with his family—vacations, farmers markets, Pug meetups, “Bark in the Park” baseball games, and more—and you can bet he’ll make furiends at every stop!

Arlo’s constant ear flips and mischievous nature make him the life of any party, and he can always bring a smile to your face. He usually greets houseguests with a shoe or toy in his mouth, wiggling his butt, growling, and showing off!

Arlo loves his stuffed gator, bully sticks, and being a Vetnique ambassador. He’s especially grateful for Dermabliss Medicated Wipes, which help keep his nasal folds clean. He’s also a fan of his daily Profivex probiotic chews, which have been great for his digestion and anal gland health. Any Pug parent can tell you what a gift that is!

“Vetnique helps Arlo stay happy, healthy, and thriving.”

Fabius + Gertie

Fabius the Husky

Meet Fabius & Gertie! Fabius is a 5-year-old Husky/Malamute mix and Gertie is a 2-year-old Husky/White Shepherd mix. They’re both living the fluff life in sunny Arizona!

Fabius' favorite thing in the entire world is people. He loves every person he meets and gets so excited when his pet parents take him to the park to socialize. Gertie is more laid back, mostly enjoying walking and exploring. Her favorite activity goes a little like this: bring toy to human, get human to throw toy, repeat! 

Fabius & Gertie LOVE their Vetnique supplements. The Activebliss Hip & Joint Hickory Chicken contains Glucosamine, and since huskies are prone to hip dysplasia, these chews are a great addition to their diet. 

Gertie especially benefits from the Profivex Probiotic Hickory Pork chews. Each chew contains 5 strains of probiotics, which have helped Gertie's gut issues immensely!

“We decided to be Vetnique ambassadors because we truly believe in their products and we want to share them with everyone. We understand how much people love their fur babies and want to give them the best and healthiest life possible. With Vetnique, dogs can get added health benefits while enjoying tasty treats. It's a win-win!”


Harold the Pug

Meet Harold, a 4-year-old Pug from Los Angeles, CA . He was adopted as a tiny 2-month-old puppy––and it was love at first sight for his first-time pet parents! 

Harold is an outdoorsy pup who enjoys walks in the park, hiking, camping, playing at the beach, and taking car rides with his humans. 

This active little Pug gets his ears cleaned every night before bedtime! His pet parents use a combination of Oticbliss Advanced Cleaning Wipes & Advanced Ear Flush to target itching, odor, and infections in the ear.

“We also love all other Vetnique products, especially because they’re recommended by thousands of vets and vet specialists. We want the best for our Harold and his health is our priority. We’re proud to be part of the Vetnique ambassador team!”


Tunny the Bulldog

Meet Tunny, an Olde English Bulldog who joined his furever family in 2020 and has been making them smile ever since!

Tunny is a happy, adventure-loving pup who loves to spend time on the family boat––especially when they’re fishing or hauling lobster traps. His other favorite activities include playing wiffle ball on the beach and hiking with his furiends. 

Tunny loves Dermabliss products, especially the Seasonal Allergy Support Chews! He loves them because they taste great, and his pet parents love them because they help keep him itch-free and ready for adventures all year long.  

“Tunny is excited to be an ambassador and to share his love of Vetnique products!” 

Neva & Mari


2 Golden Retrievers

Meet Neva and Mari, two Golden Retriever therapy dogs living in Sacramento, CA!

Mari is a 7-year-old Golden who used to be a breeder for a service dog organization and now enjoys life as a therapy dog. Neva is a pandemic puppy, now 3 years old, who was trained as a service dog and lives life as a service dog with her sister Mari. These two good-natured Goldens love swimming, dock diving, and hanging out with their humans at home.

Glandex has been a huge help for Neva, who was suffering from anal gland issues every week. Now, her anal gland issues are a thing of the past.

“I am so happy that Glandex has made such a huge impact on Neva's life. I hope other dogs with this issue get some relief as well!”



German Shepherd Dog

Fir is a 1 ½-year-old German Shepherd and Czechoslovakian Vlack mix. This bi-coastal pup spends winters at home in West Virginia and the rest of the year way out west, where his parents work as timber fallers. He loves adventure, hikes with mom, and will never turn down an opportunity to play frisbee or snuggle up for movie night with his pawrents.

Fir gets a lot of exposure with his outdoor lifestyle, so grooming is a key part of his routine! His pet parents love the Furbliss Anti-Itch Shampoo to keep his skin hydrated and coat smelling fresh.

“We only promote products that we trust and use that we know others will love just as much as we do.”

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