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Where would we be without our incredible community of pets and pet parents? These pawsome brand ambassadors are fans and pet health advocates that help us inspire pet families all over the world to thrive with Vetnique!

Scroll at your own risk––you might fall in love at first glance!

Milton & Koda

Meet Milton and Koda: two beautiful 4-year-old German Shorthaired Pointers who live their best lives with their pawrents in South Dakota.

Milton loves peanut butter, green peppers, and carrots while Koda prefers to carb-load on chips and bread. These two energetic pups love the outdoors and spend their time hiking, camping, swimming, and chasing critters out on the prairie. 

Koda & Milton take their Vetnique dog supplements every day to help them thrive! Their vet recommended Glandex for Koda’s overactive anal glands, and mom tells us that it saved them from constant vet visits. As for Milton, his coat gets flaky in winter and he licks his paws, so he takes Dermabliss Omega Chews to help ditch the itch! 

We love the Vetnique products! They truly work and help us live our healthiest lives!


Meet Millie, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Newport Beach, California. 

She just turned 1 in November and at just 20-22lbs is smaller than your average Corgi––but that doesn’t mean she won’t steal your heart!

Millie was rescued from Diamond’s Friends Pet Rescue at 10 weeks old. Millie had 60+ applications to adopt her, but the rescue knew she’d have a good home with her new mom (an animal rescue advocate) and dad––who are also pawrents to two kitties. 

Millie is a sweet, social pup who loves playing with her Corgi boyfriend Zeus at the local dog park. While she’s never met a food she doesn’t like, her favorites are celery, carrots, bananas, blueberries, & peanut butter. 

Millie’s anal gland issues used to require regular vet trips for painful manual expressions. Ever since she started taking Glandex, she hasn’t needed a SINGLE manual expression!

It means a lot to us knowing that Vetnique supports the adopt-don’t-shop cause! We absolutely love to see it. Obviously, Millie thriving & loving all of Vetnique’s products is the main plus!


Meet Captain Jack Sparrow, an American Pit Bull Terrier that was born with spina bifida. Jack is paralyzed in his rear legs, but that doesn’t keep him from living his best life!

Jack’s special wheelchair helps him enjoy camping, hiking, and playing with his sister Jill. In his early life he faced neglect, abuse, and several medical emergencies––but none of those setbacks could diminish his loving and curious nature.

In February 2022, Jack was adopted and traveled over 3,000 miles across the USA to his furever home. His favorite things in life are his momma, squeaky toys, hiking, and his must-have snack––broccoli!

Jack enjoys tasty Dermabliss Omega & Skin Chews, which support his immune response to food and environmental allergies. These daily chews help him maintain healthy skin while supporting immunity, mobility, and cardiac health. Today he’s thriving, happy, and healthy!

Vetnique’s mission aligns with our values… and we are proud to represent Vetnique and contribute to animal welfare nationwide!

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