Looking for pet care tips to keep your furry friend healthy, but not ready to enlist your vet? It can be tough to know when to seek the advice of a professional, especially when it comes to helping an animal. Instead of telling us what they need, our pets show us–but the signs aren’t always easy to read. What if you could get free vet advice online to help answer your burning pet health questions? 


Educating pet parents–and making vet advice easy to access–was why our new Vet Advisory Board was created. Let us introduce you to our in-house version of online vet help and advice and hopefully, give pet parents like you tools to help your pet thrive!

why does my dog keep shaking his head

Why do we have a Vet Advisory Board?

We ensure that everything pet parents read on our site is “vetted by a Vetnique vet.” This means enlisting top professionals in the veterinary industry to review and share exclusive how-to videos, helpful guides, and veterinary blog posts with our visitors. So why have a Vet Advisory Board? We do it to make sure you’re getting the help you need to keep your pet healthy while knowing that what you’re reading is vet-approved. 

What do we do with a wealth of veterinary expertise at our fingertips? We share it with pet parents around the world, of course! Through blogs, videos, and live Q&As, we make veterinary knowledge accessible to all Vetnique pet parents and visitors. Follow us on social media and keep up with our blog to catch all the exclusive vet advice!

Meet our VAB veterinarians

Maybe we’re a little biased, but think we have the best group of vets around! With specialties ranging from dermatology to anal gland health, our team of experts is uniquely equipped with veterinary knowledge that benefits your pet. They’re all animal lovers at heart and believe pets are part of the family–something we all have in common!

Here’s a little background on every member of our Vet Advisory Board:

Dr. James Bascharon

Veterinarian | Vetnique Founder & CEO | Creator of Glandex
why does my dog keep shaking his head

“I knew when I was a little child–as early as three years old, that I was going to be a vet. I always loved and gravitated toward animals, and was inspired to be a vet just by watching my dad. I was a little boy, wanting to be just like him.”

Vetnique Founder James Bascharon’s years of veterinary experience instilled a vital ethos: Treat pets as part of the family. But his vet practice wasn’t the beginning of Dr. Bascharon’s veterinary journey; he grew up playing exam room assistant to his veterinarian father, who treated neighborhood pets and connected with local pet parents. 

Years later, the endless stream of patients coming in with anal gland problems got Dr. Bascharon thinking–how can we address this common problem for millions of pets? He made the switch to entrepreneur with hopes of making an even bigger impact on pet families around the world. 

His dream became a reality with Glandex–a revolutionary digestive supplement vet-formulated to address common anal gland issues in dogs. “It took hours and hours of doing my own research, just really trying to understand the problem and come up with the right ingredients and the right nutrition. It was a long process. It didn’t happen overnight.” 

Ten years after the launch of Glandex, Dr. Bascharon continues to develop the best vet-recommended products with a science and research-driven, pet-first approach to pet care. Want to get exclusive online vet help from our founder? Dr. Bascharon answers common questions from pet parents and shares Vetnique’s origin story on our Instagram page.

Dr. Adam Christman

Small Animal Veterinarian | Pet Disabilities Specialist | Shelter Medicine Practitioner 

“I love educating our fellow veterinary professionals as well as pet parents. Finding a company that has a great portfolio and is passionate about education is important to me, which is why I’m proud to be part of the Vet Advisory Board at Vetnique.”

Dr. Christman is the Chief Veterinary Officer at Fetch dvm360®, the nation’s leading multimedia company in the veterinary profession. He’s the author of Honey, Have You Squeezed the Dachshund? which helps pet parents learn the early signs and treatments for IVDD, a spinal disorder common in some dog breeds (like dachshunds). 

Dr. Christman is also passionate about helping pet parents with pet disabilities, and practices relief work both in shelter medicine and private practice. Adam can be spotted hanging with his four adorable dachshunds in his free time, exploring new fitness trends, or enjoying all things Disney.

Looking for exclusive online vet help from Dr. Christman? View our Instagram page (or VAB highlight reel) for tips on keeping your pet calm during a thunderstorm, fireworks, and more!

Dr. Joya Griffin

Veterinarian | Pet Dermatology Specialist

“I love Vetnique and its products because this is a company that’s founded by a veterinarian, and the products have tried and true ingredients that actually work to restore the skin and to improve inflammation.”

Dr. Joya Griffin is an Ohio native who graduated from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. She has a special interest in fungal and immune-mediated skin diseases, as well as feline and equine dermatology. Dr. Joya always strives to care for her patients as if they are her pets and loves building long-lasting relationships with their pet parents. 

Dr. Joya also stars in the Nat Geo WILD television series, “Pop Goes the Vet with Dr. Joya,” highlighting the challenging and mysterious cases she encounters in veterinary dermatology. “What I love most about dermatology is that I’m able to make a visible transformation in my patients’ lives,” she shares. 

Dr. Joya also weighs in on topics like pet allergies, ear infections, and numerous pet health topics on our veterinary blog.

Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Veterinarian | Holistic House-Call Practitioner | Veterinary Acupuncturist

“A lot of my patients are older, arthritic dogs. They have problems getting around and need to take multiple medications to keep them comfortable. My partnership with Vetnique as part of the Vet Advisory Board is so helpful to me in order to help improve my patients’ quality of life.”

Dr. Patrick Mahaney works as a concierge-style veterinarian through his house-call practice, California Pet Acupuncture and Wellness. He loves building personal, long-term relationships with his clients to best suit their pets’ needs within the comfortable confines of their homes.

He believes that effective health care providers must also walk the walk of living a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Mahaney is an avid practitioner of daily, self-care habits including weight and health management through whole-food nutrition and supplements, physical activity, and mindfulness practices.

To spread his message of holistic veterinary medicine on a large-scale basis, Dr. Mahaney attained a Certified Veterinary Journalist certificate and enjoys contributing to pet-related media projects. He is also a certified veterinary acupuncturist.

Dr. Mahaney shares his expertise on safe summertime exercise for your pet and more on our veterinary blog.

Dr. Hunter Finn

Veterinarian | Companion Animal Specialist | Integrative Medicine Specialist

“I’ve loved animals ever since I was a little kid, and I’ve only ever wanted to work with companies who share that same passion–Vetnique is at the top of that list. They were founded by a veterinarian; who better to create supplements that help your pets live longer, happier lives?”

Dr. Hunter Finn’s childhood dog first sparked his interest in veterinary medicine. He graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in Animal Science. He attended his "dream veterinary program" at Louisiana State University in the class of 2019, and his 4-year veterinary school journey was “a rollercoaster of excitement, fear, heartbreak, and triumph.”

After graduating from veterinary school, he accepted a job as a companion animal vet in Arlington, Texas. Dr. Finn also performs veterinary acupuncture and recently opened a Fear Free Animal Hospital in Texas called Pet Method. “The human-animal bond truly is a gift, and anything I can do to help strengthen and improve that bond is a life worth living to me."

Catch Dr. Finn sharing dog ear cleaning tips and much more on our Instagram page!

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