At Vetnique Labs® we focus on unique veterinary products for pets. As a veterinarian founded company, we truly understand the health needs of pets better than others, and that’s what sets us apart. We strive to produce the best possible nutritional supplements and grooming products to keep pets happy and healthy for years to come.

Our Brands

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Dermabliss Allergy Supplements for Dogs and Cats


Dermabliss™ supplements are formulated with a unique blend of  key ingredients to help promote a normal immune response to allergies, atopy, and other skin conditions in response to seasonal and other environmental factors.

Glandex Anal Gland Pet Supplements for Dogs and Cats


Glandex® supplements & wipes are specifically designed to help support healthy anal glands in dogs and cats. The patented formula contains key ingredients including pumpkin seed, omega fatty acids, probiotics, and more to provide both anal gland and digestive support.

Profivex Probiotic Prebiotic Pet Supplements for Dogs and Cats


Profivex® 5-strain probiotic supplements contain five of the most beneficial strains of probiotics plus five billion CFUs per serving. Profivex is also fortified with a digestive enzyme, a prebiotic, and sweet potato for added fiber.


Dermabliss antibacterial antifungal allergy relief grooming for dogs and cars


Dermabliss™ grooming is a veterinarian formulated line of dermatology products formulated to help treat skin conditions in dogs & cats who suffer from allergies, atopy, or other skin conditions.

Oticbliss Dog and Cat Ear Flush


Oticbliss™ ear care products help pets maintain clean and healthy ears. with a variety of non-medicated and medicated products. Oticbliss gently but effectively helps with odor, infections, and routine cleaning.

Furbliss Professional Pet Grooming and Best Brush for Dogs Cats Horses


Furbliss® grooming is designed for all breed, coat, and skin conditions. The patented two-sided brushes have multiple functions and are best brushes for pets with inflamed skin due to allergies and atopy.

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