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Complete Ear Care for pets

Clear the ear!™

Oticbliss is a complete line of medicated and non-medicated topical ear care products formulated specifically for  dog and cat ear health. Our Oticbliss products use unique and key ingredients to help clean, soothe and deodorize pets' ears. Oticbliss is designed to offer pet owners an easy and convenient way to promote the health of pets’ ears.

Oticbliss medicated ear care products are veterinary strength to provide pets relief from itchy, dry, irritated, and infected ears. They use a gentle yet powerful formulation to help relieve itchiness, redness, and irritation of the ears while eliminating odors associated with the bacteria and fungus that cause painful and smelly ear infections.

Oticbliss Ear Care for Pets
Oticbliss Veterinary Ear Care for Pets

Oticbliss™ Key Features

  • Supports dog & cat ear health

  • Combats unpleasant odor while removing dirt & excess wax

  • Helps reduce irritation, allergy symptoms, & itching

  • Gentle & easy-to-use formula
  • Medicated & non-medicated options available

  • Made in the USA & safe for long-term use

Oticbliss Veterinary Ear Care for Pets

Supports Healthy Ears

Helps treat, soothe, and prevent a variety of ear-related issues in dogs and cats.

Oticbliss Veterinary Ear Care for Pets

Veterinary Strength

Formulated with premium ingredients to ensure the best possible health benefits and efficacy.

Oticbliss Veterinary Ear Care for Pets

 Removes Dirt, wax & odor

Keeps ears clean and combats unpleasant odor while removing dirt and excess wax.

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