13 Howl-o-ween Pet Costume Ideas for Dogs & Cats

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Dog and cat trick or treating walking in fall leaves

Calling all pet parents and costume enthusiasts! Halloween is just around the corner, and you know what that means––it's time to dress up your furry friends in the most adorable pet costumes imaginable! 

Whether your sidekick is a pint-sized Pomeranian, a lovable Labrador, or even a curious cat, we've got you covered with a trunk full of ideas! Explore popular pet costumes for dogs and cats ideas that will make tails wag and whiskers twitch.

Pet costumes for small dogs: tiny tails, big style

Here are some pint-sized costume ideas to make your petite pup the star of the Howl-o-ween parade: 


‘Tis the season to choose a pumpkin if you’re looking to dress up your small dog! Most pumpkin costumes are round and roomy, making them especially comfy–and festive–for stout little dogs like Pugs and Corgis on Halloween. 

Bumblebee Buzz

Transform your little furball into a buzzing bee with a cute, yellow and black striped costume. Add some antennae for the full effect, and watch as your tiny honeybee steals the show!

Wizard Woof

Deck out your small dog in a wizard robe and hat, and suddenly, they're ready to cast spells and enchant everyone they meet.

Paw-some Princess

Make your mini royalty dreams come true with a regal princess costume. Complete with a tiara, of course! Your tiny princess will turn heads and melt hearts.

Pirate Pup

Arrr, matey! Dress your petite pirate in a swashbuckling costume with a pirate hat and sash tied around their waist. They'll be searching for buried bones in no time! Just be sure to leave out the eyepatch, as it can be uncomfortable for your pooch!

Dog dressed in a ghost costume with Halloween decorations in background

Pet costumes for big dogs: go big or go home

Big dogs need costumes that match their larger-than-life personalities! These ideas are sure to have your giant goofball looking dapper and ready for tricks and treats:

Goofy Ghost

Is your big pooch game for anything? Keep things simple with a ghost costume that sports big enough holes for your pooch's puppy dog eyes and goofy smile.  

Superhero Spot

Turn your big buddy into a crime-fighting hero with a cape and mask. Whether they're a "Bark Knight" or "Super Paws," they'll be ready to save the day!

Lion's Roar

Embrace your dog's inner wild side with a fierce lion mane costume. It's a fantastic choice for big, fluffy breeds and will make them look like the kings and queens of the savanna.

Dino Delight

Does your pup have a prehistoric charm? Outfit them as a dinosaur and watch as they stomp through the neighborhood, spreading fear... and joy!

Cat dressed in a vampire costume with Halloween decorations in background

Pet cat Halloween costumes: kitty cat couture

Don't leave your feline friends out of the Meow-lo-ween fun! Here are some purr-fect pet costume ideas for your kitty:

Witchy Whiskers

Instead of being a witch’s sidekick, transform your cat into a bewitching feline! Slip on a tiny witch’s hat and watch as they cast their spell of irresistible cuteness.

Purr-ate Paws

Just like our pirate pup pals, cats can pull off a pirate costume with flair. An eyepatch and tiny pirate hat will have them ready for a high-seas adventure. 


Let your cat embrace their inner Dracula with a vampire cape and fangs. They might not bite, but they'll certainly steal hearts!

Mew-sical Maestro

Dress your kitty as a famous composer with a tiny tuxedo. They'll look ready to conduct a symphony of adorableness––especially if you set out a piano mat for them to pad around on!

10 ways to keep your pet comfortable in a costume

Now that your fur baby is dressed to impress, make sure they're comfortable during the Halloween festivities. Here are ten tips to keep your pet happy and safe:

1. Pick the right size

Avoid costumes that are too tight or restrictive. Your pet should be able to move freely and comfortably.

2. Practice dress-up

Before the big day, let your pet try on their costume for short periods. This will help them get used to it gradually.

3. Avoid masks and face coverings

Most pets dislike having their faces covered. Opt for costumes that leave their eyes, nose, and mouth uncovered.

4. Use calming treats

If your pet seems anxious in their costume, consider using calming treats to help them relax. There are several veterinary recommended products available that can help your “petrified” pets!

5. Keep an eye on the weather

Ensure your pet doesn't overheat in their costume, especially in warmer climates. Choose lightweight materials for comfort.

6. Check for choking hazards

Remove any small, easily chewable parts that your pet could swallow or choke on.

7. Leash safety

If you're taking your pet trick-or-treating, make sure their costume doesn't interfere with their leash or harness.

8. Monitor for stress signals

Watch for signs of stress, such as panting, excessive drooling, or trying to remove the costume. If your pet seems distressed, it's time to remove it.

9. Capture the moment

Be sure to snap some adorable photos of your pet in their costume. After all, Halloween is all about creating lasting memories!

10. Respect your pet's limits

Have you tried one–or all–of these tips and your pet still isn’t game for dressing up? Don’t force it! There are still plenty of ways to enjoy the holiday with your furry friends that don’t involve stressing them out.

There you have it––a treasure trove of pet costume ideas for dogs of all sizes, a nod to our feline friends, and some handy tips to keep your pets comfortable and safe during the spookiest season of the year. Now, go forth and let your pets shine in their fabulous pet Halloween costumes! 🎃🐾

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