How to Prevent Ear Infections in Dogs

While some dog breeds can be predisposed to ear infections (breeds with long hanging ears) ear infections are very common. Ear infections in dogs typically occur more frequently during the summer when it is hot out, but many different factors can contribute to causing ear infections in dogs. Throughout with article we will cover not only preventative measures you as a dog owner can take but also the causes of ear infections in dogs.

Causes of Dog Ear Infections

Allergies- Ear infections caused by allergies can be managed by avoiding the allergen that causes your dog to experience an allergic response.

Wax and Debris Buildup- Keeping your dog's ears clean and dry can help to prevent ear infections! Depending on your dog's needs, a medicated or non-medicated ear cleaning solution can be used- just make sure it is veterinarian approved! 

Other causes of recurrent ear infections in dogs could be a result of hormonal conditions, nutrition, and/or autoimmune diseases.

How-to Clean Your Dog's Ears

  • Fill the ear canal with a veterinarian-approved cleaning solution and gently massage the ear from the base. This helps to break up debris and wax!
  • Use an absorbent material like gauze to wipe out the canal and remove the wax and debris buildup.
  • If your dog as long ears, hold the ear up and allow the ear to fully dry to help prevent ear infections.

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