Glandex® Measuring Scoop
Glandex® Measuring Scoop

Glandex® Measuring Scoop

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Our Glandex® Measuring Scoop makes giving Glandex to your pet even easier!

Our Glandex® Measuring Scoop helps to easily measure the correct dosage of Glandex for your pet. Made from high quality durable material our measuring scoop expands out to include four sizes from 1/4 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, and 1 teaspoon. Our measuring scoop easily fits into the opening of the Glandex bottle and is long enough to reach the bottom of each bottle and is dish washer safe.

Customer Reviews

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Katherine T Futch
Glandex Efficacy: Very Helpful
Stop scooting

It's the first medicine I found that has worked. I think the second day I give it to him he stops scooting. It is a great product

Susan Miles
Scoot free

Great product! No more scooting since I started her on this supplement.

Laura Pierson

Great product

Maud Bowles

J’ai déjà répondu à l’avis auparavant mon chien reçoit son glandex à tous les matin saupoudré sur sa nourriture depuis 2ans,ça aide ses glandes anales mais pas toujours à dois les faire vérifier au deux mois par le vétérinaire.

Kim Morelos
My picky pup loves these

I have a 3.5 year old Havapoo who had troubles with her glands like so many smaller dogs do. We had them taken care of at every grooming and all vet appointments, but she would still scoot outside at least once a month. Since starting Glandex just over a month ago, she hasn’t scooted once and she’s been much more regular! No more waiting for her for 20 minutes to do her business. She’s really picky about treats, but she’s never turned down a Glandex chew, so that was a nice surprise. I assumed we would have to smash it into her food, but she takes the Glandex with the same enthusiasm as her regular treats. I will be staying with this product and ordering more for sure. Kim Morelos, Arizona