Glandex® Advanced Vet Strength Chew - 120ct
Glandex® Advanced Vet Strength Chew - 120ct
Glandex® Advanced Vet Strength Chew - 120ct
Glandex® Advanced Vet Strength Chew - 120ct
Glandex® Advanced Vet Strength Chew - 120ct
Glandex® Advanced Vet Strength Chew - 120ct
Glandex® Advanced Vet Strength Chew - 120ct
Glandex® Advanced Vet Strength Chew - 120ct

Glandex® Advanced Vet Strength Chew - 120ct

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 Boot the Scoot!™ with Glandex Advanced Strength Chew

Glandex® Advanced Vet Strength is veterinarian-formulated to support natural emptying of the anal glands. Our Vet Strength formula includes higher levels of key ingredients like Fiber, Probiotic and Digestive Enzymes for pets who need an advanced level of anal gland support. These Advanced Vet Strength supplements come in vegetarian Duck & Bacon flavored chews that are both tasty and hypoallergenic, making them a great option for dogs with protein allergies. It's amazing what a little chew can do!®

For most pets, our Glandex® original formula is a great starting point. For pets that are known to need a higher level of anal gland support, our Glandex® Advanced Vet Strength is a suitable alternative.

100% Vegetarian (no animal protein) & Gluten-Free formula. Contains NO Artificial Preservatives.

How Glandex® Advanced Vet Strength Chew Works

The patented Glandex® formula uniquely works on the underlying causes of anal gland problems in dogs, providing a better alternative to frequent anal gland expression. For pets needing a higher level of anal gland support, our Advanced Vet Strength supplements  use a new MegaFiberTM blend and increased quantities of prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes and Quercetin. 

Glandex® Advanced Vet Strength is recommended by veterinarians to support healthy anal gland function and help your dog boot the scoot!™

  • MegaFiberTM proprietary blend of six fiber sources, balanced between soluble and insoluble, to promote firmer stool and healthy GI function.

  • 3B CFU Probiotic blend of three probiotics strains provide the gut with healthy levels of good bacteria. 

  • Prebiotics promote ‘good’ gut bacteria in the gut 

  • Digestive Enzymes assist with the breakdown of food in the gastrointestinal tract to help maintain easier, more efficient digestion.

  • Quercetin helps maintain a normal inflammatory response in the GI tract and anal glands.


  • Supports healthy anal gland function in dogs
  • Extra-strength for advanced support
  • Supports firmer, bulkier stool to help naturally empty the anal glands
  • Promotes bowel motility and GI function 
  • Helps maintain a healthy gut microbiome
  • Veterinarian formulated and recommended
  • Convenient once-daily soft chew 
  • Tasty vegetarian tasty Duck & Bacon flavor suitable for pets with protein allergies
Dosing Instructions

When starting Glandex® Advanced, we recommend giving your pet half the recommended amount for the first week. This will help your pet adjust to the higher levels of Fiber, Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics in the Vet Strength formula.

Dog's Weight Daily Amount
Dogs under 15 lbs
1/2 Chew

Dogs 15-25 lbs

1 Chew
Dogs 26-50 lbs 2 Chews
Dogs 51-75 lbs 3 Chews
Dogs over 76 lbs 4 Chews

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  • Made in the USA with globally sourced materials at an FDA registered & cGMP compliant facility
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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
S. F.
Glandex Efficacy: Very Helpful
Great help for anal glands

The advanced strength has helped so much. We actually went 4 months without going to the vet for anal gland expression! We have gone every 2 weeks in the past.

Shirley Fagnan
Glandex Efficacy: Very Helpful
It really works!

I have two dogs, a 100 pound male German Shepherd and a 60 pound female Belgian Malnois.
They were both bothered with scooting and when I bought Glandex advanced the problem was solved! I visited my daughter out of state and when I came back I noticed they were scooting again!
My husband forgot to give them their daily dose.
Within one day that was corrected!
I’d recommend this to anyone. It takes care of the problem and they are more comfortable.

Nancy Wheeler
Glandex Efficacy: Very Helpful
Salli’s Anal Glands’ Best Friend

Cute ‘lil mixed breed pup Salli showed signs of blocked Anal Glands since 4 months old. She’d bite at her rear end while just walking across the floor and sometimes flopped down and whimpered like something unpleasant was happening inside her body. I thought it was worms but she’d already had parasite treatment and vaccinations at age 2 months. The Vet laughed when I asked him to check her Anal Glands but his face changed to shock when that lovely dark “juice” gushed out over his examination table when he inserted his finger. The farmhouse folks who bred Salli had weaned her off her Mother’s milk onto a raw-hot-dog-diet for 2 months till I found her on Kajiji. Then even with the top-shelf highest soluble fibre dog food, Salli’s anal issues got worse the bigger she got, ruining white carpets, couches, duvets, guests’ pants, guests appetites as she used to explode on them when she got over-excited by their visits. To save an expensive pet-visit every month ($60 to walk in the door) just to express Salli’s glands, I used my own gloved-finger and lube until my retching became unbearable. I researched and tried Scoot Free and No Scoot from local pet stores but Salli did not like the taste/texture besides it not having any effect. Then I discovered GLANDEX! And GLANDEX ADVANCED on Amazon. I was so excited I ordered them both! The chews come in various flavours and easy to “fly right into Salli’s mouth”. When the last few at the bottom of the jar get slightly dry and she refuses them, all I have to do is break one in half and flatten the halves with my palms while she jumps around begging “Gimmee!”thinking she’s getting slivers of steak. I’ve discovered that it’s better to keep Glandex in the fridge to not lose that chewy texture.
I spoke to a new Vet about Salli’s problem wondering if Salli’s anal sacs might be positioned improperly in her body and require surgery. The Vet brought out a huge container of Vetnique Pork Powder and highly recommended it. I told her that I already use Vetnique and am very happy with it. “Excellent”, she said, “Let’s not mess with the solution then. Keep doing what you’re doing!”
So Vetnique Chews and Advanced Chews saved my wallet, my sanity, as well as my Salli’s quality of life. After a couple of months of getting Salli acclimatized to the extra fibre, probiotics and digestive enzymes, I am able to put Salli on a Maintenance Program of One Chew at breakfast and one Chew at dinner as she weighs close to 50pounds. I would travel anywhere in the world to get this stuff! That’s how good it is! THANKYOU Vetnique Glandex!
P.S. Salli’s on TicTok @salliwheeler

Glandex Efficacy: Not Helpful
Not working

My dogs glands are a mess

Healey Stepanic
Glandex Efficacy: Very Helpful

Glandex® Advanced Vet Strength Chew - 120ct