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Great Product

Easy to do biz with and a great product.

Pup liked them

However, I still had to take her to vet to get glands expressed. It was worth a shot, they didn't work for my pup unfortunately.

No more scoots

I have been giving this product to my dog for awhile now because he is prone to having a scooting issue. It took care of it and I am very satisfied.


Our dog was having horrible issues constantly scooting. We switched her food and started with Glandex the combo has been awesome one happy pup!

Skip the scoot

So so good so far no licking or scooting

Great product

Happy this ships to Canada

Glandex® Peanut Butter Soft Chews for Dogs - 60 Chews

Glandex® Peanut Butter Soft Chews for Dogs - 60 Chews

Glandex® Peanut Butter Soft Chews for Dogs - 120 Chews FREE SHIPPING

Anal Gland

Required a visit every 2 weeks - after taking the meds, there was a slight odor after 30 days. Took her to the vet who could not believe the change and encouraged us to continue what ever treatments we had been doing.

love my treat after breakfast

Alfie loves his Glandex and so does his Vet! anyhow, a bark is always coming if his Glandex treat is not given within an hour after breakfast! Alfie age 18 yrs and going strong


feed my dog four chews a day, My dog still scoots a little . My dog weighs 100 lbs .

Miracle in a powder!

This stuff is AMAZING. For a few months my dog was acting super bothered after pooping. He'd pace and crawl all over us and just seemed uncomfortable. His groomer had said his anal glands were super full when she expressed them. We started him on Glandex shortly after, it took a few weeks to start working, which I knew it would and he also went through a couple days of lots of licking back there, but now he's no longer pacing after going to the bathroom. No more constantly sniffing his butt and no more licking. I'm so happy with this product and I'm sure Roscoe is too! Thank you thank you thank you Glandex!!

No More Every Third Week to the Vet

I don't want to do it. Since using the product, I no longer am taking Molly to the vet every three weeks. However, it is costing me more with the Soft Chews than the vet. She has a "peanut butter" bone. I am going to switch over to the powder and mix it, before filling the bone

Works great!

I have a JRT that has had problems with her anal glands for a few years. This product has stopped her boot scooting. And she loves the taste!

Works very well and we can go much longer between gland expressions than before. Also, as a vegan, I am very grateful to have the vegan salmon option so no animal cruelty.


So far does what is suppose to do, love it and so does our little buddy

Glandex Powder

Wanted to give this product at least 3 weeks for a fair tryout. 6 month old pup had gland issues...itching, biting, scooting. After 3 weeks, that all stopped. 1/2 tsp on her food each day and she has forgotten she has a backside. We are relieved that we don't have to worry the vet with expressing the gland every few weeks. Can't believe how simple the fix was.

Glandex has made a definite difference to the health of my dog. I am so glad that such a product exists and will continue to use it.


I’m happy to see the results of Glandex anal gland soft chews on my dog. It has worked quite well so far and relieved her as well.

Quell the smell!

Our girls think that the peanut butter chews are a treat for reality the treat is for us...they definitely help keep 'things' healthier/functioning better.

Awesome product

I really did not know what to expect when I started using the product. To be fair, I just started using the Profivex at the same time I started frozen raw dog food. What a change for the better. I have 3 geriatric dogs. This is what I have seen, more vitality and less shedding. Most important is the effect on the dogs bowls. They have small well formed poop. And it doesn't smell. I know it is the Profivex that does this because the only change to my cat's diet was the addition of Profivex. He use to have very smelly poop. Not anymore. I am a very happy customer.

Works great!

I am actually a returning customer. It really helps my Shi Tzu, Suga. Keeps me from having to take her to the vet often for anal gland expression.

This really works

My dogs have not had a single problem since adding this product. One of my shorthairs would have large grands quit often prior to taking this. Extremely pleased.

Still scooting but less

Dog is scooting less but still scooting.

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