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First time purchasing and BEST choice ever!

Our dog Layla had been having stomach issues for a couple weeks before finding this product and ordering. We looked at reviews and wanted to give it a try. She would eat good, but every time after she would eat then drink, she would vomit. Since starting the Probiotics about over 2 weeks ago, she’s done soooo well. She still had few issues the 1st week while taken, but since then thank God she’s had none. It’s been a miracle. We were so worried about her. She’ll be 6 come this June. It just randomly started happening with her, but of course I was looking at her ago and etc. We hadn’t changed her eating habits or anything. I will say, we did start given her Pedigree Puppy food since this started happening to also help her digest better. We will continue with this product.

Amazingly works!

My little chihuahua has itched for years. She had her belly red from itching and it was black at times. The vet said to switch food- didn’t help. We tried a lot of different kinds even very expensive ones. Nothing helped. I decided to try the Apoquel that’s for allergies. It worked but it’s PRICEY! I did some research on the Dermabliss and liked the ingredients. Showed it to the vet who said the same - it’s all natural ingredients... try it! I’m glad I did! She’s been on it for 3 weeks now and no itching! I wish I had had found this years ago. I was worried about it being another product that didn’t work but I’m sold and will be telling others about this! I wish there was different flavors because she won’t eat it by itself but I add it to the canned food by breaking it up on top of it and she eats it.

Gladnex is doing great!

We've noticed a huge difference with our dogs stool since adding this to her food daily. Its been really helpful!

Great size

I love the size and strength of these wipes. I must say you've impressed me and thats hard to do when it comes to big baby.


It really did the job! No more scooting on his tushie. A great product to have on hand. He actually enjoyed it on his food.


Glandex really helps our Mini-Pin with her glands.,she loves them and I feel they do help!

Great product

I started using this product 1 month ago as my 7 year old dog started getting anal gland infections. He was on antibiotics and in a lot of pain. As soon as the antibiotics were done he started scooting again and I needed to go back to the vet to have his glands secreted again. My vet suggested Glandex and I was more than happy to try anything. My dog no longer scoots at all and licks up the product from his bowl. He loves it.

We love it

Our ItalianGreagle started having seizures one morning. After a horrible visit to a 24 hour Vet, we went to a local Vet a had blood work done. Come to find out, she had a vitamin B shortage because her belly couldn’t process it due to Coccydia infections she had while in the shelter. We started her on vitamin B supplements and ProfiveX. She hasn’t had a single issue since! The probiotics are helping her belly straighten out. We love it so much, both our dogs (Service Dogs) get it!!! As I mentioned before, I train Service Dogs and highly recommended this to ALL of my clients!!!

Thumbs up

Once we read that our 30 lbs doodle could have 2 per day, things got more regular!

Improvements happening!

My cat is about ten years old and had recently started leaking anal gland fluid daily. Expressing helped, but didn’t save my furniture or sheets! My vet recommended this and it’s already minimizing leaks. It took my cat a few weeks to notice major improvements, but it will work. We are so relieved! And she clearly loves the flavor. I just sprinkle it on her dry food. Easy!

Working Glands!

Nice to have our dogs poop 💩 more dense! Less smell too! Whoa.

Dermabliss™ Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal Shampoo - 16 oz

The answer to my prayers

We have a Schnoodle who has been having anal gland problems for a while. One of them got infected, and they had to be expressed monthly by our vet. Then our Sheltie started scooting on her butt too, so I asked if there was anything I could give them that would help. Glandex was recommended, and it has been a life saver. They have both been to the vet since we started using it a month ago, and their glands have been empty. I purchased the powder because I thought it would be more economical for two dogs than the chews. They appear to love the taste of it, so it’s easy to administer.

Great product

I love this product just wish the spoon had a longer handle, I’m always searching for it.


This a fantastic product Ann Mitzi has been using it with great success. The product and the people at this site are happy to have a trusted product and pleasant and qualified staff who are ready to answer any and all questions.🤗🤗

My Furbaby lives these wipes

My dog usually runs away when I get ready to wipe her paws after a walk. But with Furbliss, she stays put and looks at my as if she is waiting for the wipes. Then she actually stays calm and allows me to wipe her paws. I believe she likes the scent of lavender. In contrast, she hates the smell of coconut wipes.


Nice way to try multiple products before committing to a large bottle, but also not skimping out. The brush has done wonders for my dog's coat and shedding.

Wait and see!

Shadow has only been using this product for 2.5 weeks thus far. We have had one trip to get glanded and are keeping a record to see how many fewer trips we have to have over time. Our goal is no more than every 2.5 months. The product says optimal results after 3 months so we shall see. WISH US LUCK!

Glandex® Anal Gland Hygienic Pet Wipes - 100 Fresh Scented Wipes

Furbliss® - Yellow Brush for Large Pets with Short Hair-

Good experience so far

Based on the first month, it seems to be doing what it is supposed to do. My Labrador's anal glands do not seem to be bothering him as much and his stools are of the same size and consistency as before, but do not seem to have as much volume as before. I had the glands expressed just before the product was delivered - and by now I would have expected to see some sign of them bothering him. Another month should be adequate to rate the effectiveness appropriately.