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Spray on fur and brush in well. Smells great and the dogs don’t seem to mind the extra attention.

Great product

It actually stopped her scooting!

booting the scoot

This stuff seems to be working. The last time I saw a scoot was over a week ago.
When she first started it she started licking paws legs. I was concerned she was having a allergic reation to something in it. But we stuck it out and she's fine now.
And not scooting anymore. Now that makes everone happy.
Check back in a month I think I may change it to highly effective.

Furbliss Calming Spry

Our dog is very high strung,letting us know he is upset when the snow moves off the roof, going to the vets, letting us know when he thinks something is going on outside the home. What a wonderful product to help soothe our Nervous Nelly, and as an added bonus help him smell better between shampoos.

Amazing Change in Dog’s Habits

Used this for the first time on all three dogs, so far so one has tried to eat and I hope this continues. Also no but dragging so far. One of the three was guilty on occasion so we just started all three on the chews. They also have had to have their glands discharged so we will see if that is reduced or stopped.


I got this for 2 reasons. 1 reason being I have coonhounds that live in the house and they get stinky so quick and this is the best smelling spray for dogs I have ever smelled! It smells fresh like something ocean-y to me. And the 2nd reason being my female dog has dry skin especially after a bath. I cant say for sure if its helping with the dandruff but I can say it doesn't bother her and she smells so good afterwards!!! I would so highly recommend, plus the price is great too!

Works great

This works great on our dog with separation anxiety. We brush it through their fur before we leave and it helps them stay calm while we are away. I use my furbliss brush with this and the brush gets the oils down into the undercoat. this helps keep the oil on your dog and not your couch. The spray is a nice mixture of essential oils that's is safe and effective. I highly recommend this calming spay.

Makes Stamp Smell Great & Softens His Fur

Stamp loved the Furbliss. It contains Aloe, Rosemary Leaf, Chamomile & Vitamin E. The ingredients list is the smallest I've ever seen for a coat spray! It provided instant relief for his dry fur, making him scratch less, and it has a very pleasant scent, making me very happy indeed! Now I can truly give him the relaxing massages he so loves. I just cannot recommend Furbliss enough for your cat, or dog.

Nail trimming was much easier

Furbliss Calming Spray for Dogs and Cats was the perfect thing to help our fur baby relax during her nail trimming. And the spray helped reduce the puppy odor while the relaxing and soothing essential oils provided the calming effect. It really made the nail trimming a lot better experience.

Smells so good!!!

I not only use this on my dogs but also to give their bedding a fresh ‘pick-me-up’ between washings. Does a great job without being too perfumey!
We’ll be back for more!!!! Love that it’s made in the USA!

It's Bubby Approved

My dog loved the scent and so do I , I let him smell any product before I put it on him, he loves to smell anything that smells good (including flowers). He's not a fan of me spraying stuff on him but he let me do it. simple to apply -spray and massage in either by hand or with their Flurbiss Silicone Brush (Also Bubby Approved). Made in the USA! Bubby is playing and roaming around the house, and I can tell every room he's been in :) it's not over bearing at all, it smells awesome, but he's like a Plug in Air Freshener only on 4 legs . This product is awesome! Glad I was able to try it out, It'll help a lot in between baths, when he's starting to smell more like a dog, but it's too soon for a bath (Bubby is an American Pit Bull Terrier, and has the typical Pit sensitivities and allergies, so I have to be careful how often he is given a bath or his skin will dry out and make him itch even worse than his allergies) I highly recommend this product! I've not tried it on my cats yet, but I already know I'll have to have it on my hands 1st and then pet them, because they see any form of spray bottle and they go hide.

Glandex wipes

Works great for quick clean up

Glandex anal gland wipes

Great product. Easy to use with a good fragrance.


I bought the VETNIQUE LABS Furbliss Invigorating Grooming Dog & Cat Pet Shampoo last week and I LOVE IT! I already own the furbliss for my long haired cat and the other for my Rottweiler. I love how well they work and when using them With the shampoo its a great way to scrub up my dog! The shampoo smells great and leaves his coat very shiny and soft. I have definitely found my Go 2 shampoo for my animals!

Furbliss™ - Blue Brush for Small Pets with Short Hair

First timer

Just trying it out. So far it seems to be working.

Canine Glandex soft chews

I have noticed that my terrier has not been scooting since I began giving him one chew every day. I like the product and will purchase again.

So Far So Good

I’ve only been giving my two dogs Glandex for about a month now and it seems to be working. I had both their glands expressed literally days before I received my order of Glandex. One to two weeks after the start of Glandex my one dog was still “scoring” her butt on the carpet. However, I have not seen that since! One month in I am still monitoring my dogs but as of right now Glandex seems to be working as I have not seen any “scooting” in at least two weeks!!

Glandex® Peanut Butter Soft Chews for Dogs - 60 Chews

Still scooting

30 days in and still hoping to "boot the scoot".
My dog isn't overly keen on the flavor although she will eat them with a little encouragement.

Great Product

We've been using this for our 14 pound dog who occasionally scoots and needs anal expressions fairly often. It hasn't helped that, but her stools are much better and more frequent when using Glandex.She loves the taste and eats the Glandex off her dry food first.

Great product

Unfortunately my furry friend doesn’t seem to enjoy the smell of this product, he wouldn’t even try it. That does not mean the product is not worth trying.

Furbliss brush

She first thought it was a toy....but loved being brushed by it. Really nice.

Glandex® Peanut Butter Soft Chews for Dogs - 120 Chews FREE SHIPPING

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