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Review of glandex

Our Border Collie seems to be doing good. Our shih tzu is still having some difficulties. She still scoots! We are still going to keep using glandex.

Love your Glandex Wipes

My 11 year old Catahoula has a problem with frequent bladder infections and dermatitis caused by it. The smell is horrible. Your wipes help clean her and she absolutely loves being wiped. Stops and turns and has a special smile when used.


Our 5 year old baby started having some trouble with his anal grands and resultant smelling. Groomings and vet visits werent doing the trick. Purchased this product after doing some research and his problem is absolutely better! The doctor and groomer agree with our at home findings too. very happy

I was really desperate to find a solution to my dog's anal gland problem. I go to the vet every month to express his gland. It has been 2 weeks since ive gone to the vet and 3 weeks since he started Glandex. He has not been scooting.since then. So i think It's true, it has boot the scoot!

It helps

Takes quite a few to remove the scent but it works. Wear gloves or wash hands thoroughly afterwards.

Glandex Anal Area Wipes

My Greyhound's rectal area has always had issues with being sensitive to wipes to clean the delicate tissue of this area. Most wipes I'd bought in the past would irritate him more and not clean well. These Glandex wipes are wonderful. Soothes his perineal area and cleans with minimal effort in wiping. He often has irritation in this area simply due to allergies he has with occasional anal gland's not emptying as well. Since using these wipes regularly his rectal area is free of irritation.

Glandex Anal Gland Support Starter Kit - FREE SHIPPING

Dogs love the brush

Wipes. Clean nicely and fresh.
Brush is absolutely amazing.
Not impressed with the shampoos or calming sprays. Too expensive.

Boot the scoot 4 sure

Works awesome, I have a 17 yr. old Jack Russell, she is so kind hearted ,we live her to death and back.. she has always had a hard time passing her glands on her own to where one time they got infected and she had to have surgery to get it out....after that we was taking her once a month to the vet to get her glands squeezed...started her on glandex and it went to every 2monthd to 3 months to now once a yr. Just to be's helped her soooo much...thanks Glandex for make my little girl and my life much better

Didn’t work for us.

Unfortunately, this product didn’t work at all for us. We’ll have to see if our pup has some allergies or food sensitivities requiring medical attention or specific dietary restrictions. This product didn’t improve her anal glands or the horrible smell at all...even after a manual expression and then the Glandex, her glands filled again throughout the month.

Glandex Product review

Glandex products seem to be really helping my Mal's gland issues!

Glandex® for Dogs & Cats - 2.5 oz Powder


seems to be working well no trouble giving it to her haven't noticed any scooting

Works well

My dog use to get anal abscess. Started using Glandex daily and she has not had one since. Just had her to the vet for a check and her glands are clear.

Glandex® Soft Chews for Dogs - 120 Chews FREE SHIPPING

Furbliss Calming Spray for Dogs & Cats

I have 3 cats ages 8 months to 14 years. I was previously using plug-in calming diffusers to ease my cats anxiety and help all 3 get along.
I find Furbliss Calming Spray for Dogs and cats to be more effective. I spray once in my hands and pet them and it takes immediate affect.
I find the fragrance to be very calming and pleasing myself. It doesn't smell "purfumy" at all, but of natural essential oils.
I'm very pleased with my purchase and will be a repeat customer.

2nd bottle

First bottle and Sego, my black lab mix, is still scooting on his butt. Trying a second bottle, still hoping

It is great for are dogs which are up in age and they love profivex thank you very much truly appreciate it 👍👍👍👍

Soooo wanted to love this brush

I soooo wanted to love this brush for my Weimaraners, because BOTH of them have benefited enormously from Profivex for years. One of them, Finn, was even a Profivex Pet of the Month!
But, the only thing I got was a soiled brush. It collected very little hair, even statically-attached hair. The brush cleaned beautifully and completely in the dishwasher. I may use it just to help keep them clean!

Really good product

I got this for my himalayan cat to help calm his nerves and it has worked well when sprayed on his fur as part of his grooming routine, which has been quite helpful. However, I was hoping the lavender scent would have more of a calming effect on him as a gentle mist when dealing with his other stress triggers, too but it hasn't.

Helped my cat

My orange tabby had a hard time expressing his anal glads and I believe glandex is helping him when he goes to the litter box. In the beginning I would smell the gross anal gland smell from the litter box which helps me know glandex is working. He had a clogged anal glad, which is why my vet recommend glandex. After a month I do not notice the gross smell. He eats the salmon flavor when I mix it with wet food.

Great product

It makes my dog smell a lot better. “No more dog smell”.Thanks. I look forward to stocking up.

I’ve used for over a year and it’s wonderful that it works naturally without having to express her anal glands!!

Great product have used for 4 years

Stop the stink

Glandex works! My beagle has major issues back there causing a terrible smell; Glandex once a day has stopped the stink! Hallelujah