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Really Works!

My dogs used to get their anal glands expressed at each grooming appointment but they seemed to be so sensitive after each time and they still had issues between appointments so when I saw this I was eager to try and see if it helped my dogs. I’ve been using them for at least a year and they seem to be working perfectly! I do not get their glands expressed anymore since starting these and there are no more boot scoots and no issues with their glands between appointments. Very happy with the product and will continue using them.

Dermabliss™ Seasonal Allergy & Immune Soft Chews for Dogs - 60 Chews

Clients love it!

I have a mobile veterinary business and come across a lot of pets with anxiety. Clients who use this are so thankful for a natural alternative that takes the edge off.

Schnauzer ears

Worked like a charm on his hairy, waxy stinky little ears!

I'm not sure if it's working or not she maybe a little better hopefully by the time the jar is gone

It works!!! Highly recommend!

I have a pitbull with gland issues. We used to call her stinky butt. Now with glandex she has issues way less frequent. I no longer have to take her to the vet and she is having solid poops! 10/10 recommend.

Great product

Pixie had very hard stools. With Glandex her stools are normal. She also has a lot of skin issues. Dermabliss seems to be improving that situation also.

My dog is still chewing.licking her long dose it take to wor

I have a 9 yo lab with terrible allergies. I have spent a fortune on vet bills, meds and other allergy chews. So far these have helped the itching and paw licking.

Not good!!

I expected to see less butt scooching. There is no difference. I spent a TON of money, butt not better.

The jury is still out

Unsure if these work yet. My 60 pound dog has been on these for about a month and we are still having almost daily unsolicited anal gland expression. He loves the treats though. I am not going to buy them just because he likes the taste though.


Has really helped our 13 year old black lab.

Our new pup has so much energy we were on the verge of having to surrender her. This product has worked a miracle. She, and my wife and I, are very happy now.

Shea's Favorites

I have a picky eater. He won't eat anything unless it is REALLY good. He loves Vetnique's Probiotic treats. They are good for him (He doesn't know that). He just knows he LOVES them!

Work in progress

My cat is incredibly picky, I just got this and it’s been a few days but she’s very reluctant to eat food with this mixed in so far. If she’s hungry enough she will but often times she tries to avoid it. I wish this came unflavored to mix into food better. Waiting to see if she gets over it and for results. Fingers crossed.

It works.

Late 2021 my dog started suffering Swollen Anal Glands. There's usually no sign of it, none of the trademark "Butt-scooting". Came home from work to her butt dripping and went to the vet, was told to increase Fibre. Late October she suffered again, she seems to lick and nip it to the point she punctures it. Fail on my part, I guess, but on Nov 4th I discovered Glandex on
It's now January 20th, 2022 and she hasn't had a single Swollen Anal Gland issue. She's a picky eater but seems to really love the Pork Liver flavor.

So far this product is working amazing for my dog. It's saved her from pain and the unwanted vet visit. And me the stress, worry, and heart break seeing her go through it all.

My dog Allergies

Great replacement for apoquel and improved is skin condition

Great Product

I am so pleased I gave this Derma bliss Anti-Itch Spray a try...My cat loves it so I really it. Would definitely buy this and more products from Vetnique Labs.


This product was effective with 2/3 days of sprinkling the powder over her food. The Vet examined her and stated her glands were not nearly as full and she is having 2 BM daily now. No more scooting!

No Change

Have been giving Glandex to my two dogs for two months. I have seen no change unfortunately. As a matter of fact with the one dog, the stools have gotten even softer

Afghan ears

We have had Afghan hounds for many ears and they are prone to getting ear gunk that causes them to shake their heads. I have used ear washes from our vet, but your product has proved most effective.

My dog now gives a s..t!

Ever since I give my schnauzer Glandex ( a good three years now) he booted the scoot!! Excellent product.

Wanted to try the chews, will go back to powder...not by choice though !

I've been giving Profivex powder to my dog for about 2-3 years now and it does wonder for him as he has pretty bad gastro-intestinal issues. So I wanted to try the soft chews because I thought it would be so much easier to give it to him, not having to measure anything and get powder all over.
The thing is, he doesn't like the chews ! I tried cutting it into smaller pieces (he's a small 12 lbs dog, so the chews are a bit big for him) to see if that help. I have to cut it up in tiny pieces add mix it with a bit of my cat's wet food for him to eat it and even then, he licks around the pieces... Tried to smoosh it into a paste and mix it with cat wet food, he eats 25% of it...I guess it changes the taste.
I bought 2 jars of 60 chews and I guess I'll continue cutting them up until they're all gone and go back to the powder.
The product itself is great, it's just that my dog didn't like it (and he likes to eat dirt of my garage go figure ! (and no, that's not the cause of his digestive problems before i get comments lol !)