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Petbliss Efficacy: No Difference
Impressive results!

Honestly, I was hoping this product would work and my little guy would be less anxious when I had to go do errands or whatever. He was a rescue and has become very attached to his "mom" even after 3 years, and this was an answer to my prayers. He is so CHILL, and MELLOW after I gave him just half, he was happy, and Zen all the way! He would look at me with loving eyes....I know, sounds crazy, but so happy to have something that works when needed. He seems so less high strung even after a few days, and this is without the zenbliss. Hands down fantastic results for both of us. Thank you Vetnique, once again!

Dermabliss Efficacy: Very Helpful

It worked so far

Glandex Efficacy: Very Helpful
This product saved my dog

Since I have been Glandex it has saves my dog from a painful surgery. The vet told me he needed anal gland surgery but also said some people swear by this product. I started using it because I did not have the money for the expensive surgery. It pretty much turned his anal gland issues around and he has not had any issues since.

Oticbliss Efficacy: Very Helpful
Great comfort

This has helped my pit bull with her ear problem. The long term jury is still out, but early we already see a difference

Glandex Efficacy: Very Helpful

After three ruptured anal gland episodes which are very painful, Buddy has been on this product for almost a year and no further problems. Thank you!

Dermabliss Efficacy: Slightly Helpful
Great product and smells wonderful

My dog has so many allergies. She is on a limited food diet which has helped the redness she experiences but nothing has changed her constant licking and biting her feet. Even now, her fur often has that greasy feel and she stinks all the time. I am bathing her 2x week with this shampoo. She only smells good that day and the day after and her biting/scratching is less those 2 days. She hates a bathso I don't bathe her daily even though the instructions say is possible. It's just too much work being that she is 75 lbs and I literally have to pick her up to get her in the tub. It's been 2 weeks of use. I'm hoping that over time, she won't need as many baths.

Good Stuff! Worked FAST!

The Best! No need to go to Vet! Maizy was Itchy and irritated for weeks...Two applications and she was already not scratching and no redness and better!

Glandex Efficacy: Very Helpful

Love this product

Glandex Efficacy: Slightly Helpful

My dog is still licking. But I’m giving it a chance to work. I was giving him 1/2 dose as recommended. So I want to give it some time

Glandex Efficacy: Very Helpful

Product works wonderful in helping our dog stay regular and no more scooting!

Best thing ever!

Having to clean out dog ears is always a hassle and our dogs don't like it! These have taken the hard "job" away and am glad I bought them and Kelsey, she agrees also.

Our pup loves this too!

One of our dogs has had serious issues for most of her 3 years with leaking anal glands. We feed her quality higher fiber food and have tried many probiotics and other supplements to help with the issue. Glandex was the game changer. Only a fantastic product would be worth the investment and keep us coming back. She loves the pork liver flavored chews and is thriving after taking them regularly. When we went out of town and the sitter didn't remember to give them to her, we could tell immediately. We are fans!

It’s Definitely Helping

Our old little guy (15 yrs!) has been struggling with digestion. I have definitely noticed an improvement since we started on these probiotics. We are psyched!


So far so good. Still occasional scratching.

Good chewies

My dogs like the taste.

Glandex Review

We are not certain but we think it is working. Our vet assessed our dog in Sept and yes her gland had fluid in it but not as bad as it used to be. So the jury is still out. Hopefully it continues to improve.

Oticbliss Efficacy: Very Helpful

Great product, my dog always seems to have problems with his ears and this has started to help him!

Glandex Efficacy: Very good
anal glad supplement

my doggy said it's better than the vets finger...and my doggy never lies

Oticbliss™ Medicated Ear Drops for Dogs and Cats

Glandex Efficacy: Very Helpful

So far it’s working! My 2 year old Boston terrier suffered multiple impaction’s and started using this product we took him to get him expressed they were only half full! Took him in again the third time after no expressing for 2 months and there was barley anything in there! No more expressing for my baby!

Glandex Efficacy: Very Helpful
Easier poop pickup

This stuff works! Our Great Dane had some anal sack issues and since we've started using Glandex her poop is not so runny.

Excellent conditioner for sensitive itchy skin !

I wa s a little apprehensive about purchasing this conditioner, I’m so glad I did .I have a older dog with very dry sensitive itchy skin , this conditioner is amazing. Even my dog loved the smell , no itching at all . My dog is very soft and smells nice . This conditioner is thick and is very soothing, buy this you will not regret it .

Glandex Efficacy: Very Helpful
Great product

Since using this, my dog hasn’t needed to have her glands expressed!

Glandex Efficacy: Very Helpful
It works!

My baby had major poop and anal sac problems after recovering from Parvo. I used all of your products to help his poor rear end heal while his stools got firmer. It took some time, but he is now a healthy dog with normal stool.

Glandex Efficacy: Very Helpful

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