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Anal gland issues are no fun for our dogs or us! We use Glandex Chews and this spray for our GIANT boys. This spray is good to use in addition to wipes. It is medicated with: Lidocaine- relieves pain & provides numbing relief to the skin. Hydrocortisone- treats swelling, redness, & itching.Vitamin E, Aloe & Oatmeal moisturize irritated skin.

That's "a-Maury" (amore)

All's well!
Thank you for the speedy shipping and great product. I'll be in touch for more in the future.
Mark and Maury
👍 🐾

The Glandex really works well!!

I have been using Glandex for my mixed breed dog for 3 years. She was a rescue and when we brought her home, I soon noticed that distinctive anal gland smell. I tried Glandex…saw it on Amazon and have never stopped using it. She loves the taste and it stopped the odor within a few days!! Highly recommend!!! I buy directly from Vetnique now and will never stop using it.


She loves them
I like supplements in the product

Works very well!

Our little guy has problems with his anal glands, but this has been very effective in helping keep them clear!

Not working

Been using Glandex for over a month now and it has not help at all. Very disappointed.

Boot the scoot 🐶

Great product! My dog loves it and it works well for him.

Seems to help the itch

She likes the taste and she doesn’t scratch as much.


Previous user. When new dog started scooting, I ordered right away. Started working immediately.

season itch chews

works great for our dogs

Pup approved.

This was a very useful product. my dog Trinket was having a rough time with irritated glands, after a few days of using this she seems do be doing better and not being bothered by them as much.

Great product

I have two small dogs who need their anal glands expressed about every 30 days. At $56 dollars each time for each dog ($112 total), the procedure was becoming cost prohibitive. I have tried Glandex and so far it is working very well. No nasty smell, no licking and no scooting. It’s only been 30 days but I expect the results to continue. So glad to have found this product.

Best decision ever!

My 13 year old pug had terrible anal gland expression. It was thick and caused her great pain. Even though these chews are expensive, it's worth the price! Now her anal glands are easily expressed and no longer cause her pain. 10/10

I used it on 2 dogs one with success but not for the other dog.

They work

They do the job but the are extremely small so make the job a bit difficult

Works great

It provides them with some relief from the itching and seems to soothe the hotspot. I like that it’s in a spray bottle and the spray isn’t super powerful so it doesn’t startle the dogs.

Very good product

I do like giving my dog these allergy products from Vetnique Labs. She doesn't spend all her time licking her feet or biting at her body or skin. I do recommend trying these for your dogs.

Relief within 2 days!

My Gracie started having issues with he glands, I read the reviews of Glandex and felt it was worth a try not really knowing what to do, she was back to her normal self within days, we are daily users for both our babies and have not had any problems sense.

Works well!

My pup was scooting and clearly uncomfortable. I used this according to directions and the relief was palpable! He stopped scooting, and relaxed.

Great medicinal ingredients

Using this on my 11 year old terrier mostly as prevention. He has a bad shoulder which I notice he hasn’t been favoring now as much. Here’s hoping in more time he’ll be as good as new. Does not like the taste so have to hide in cheese


Works really well she seems to be soothed by it. And no scooting her butt on the rug!

Great product, highly recommend, fantastic for dogs and cats

Terrific, calming relief

This product has reduced the amount of time between gland expressions with both my mastiff and pug. I highly recommend it.


I've only used it once. I believe it brought some comfort to my furry one.
I'll advise the second time around