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The Wipes are great for relieving the itch. The Chews she likes. My dog is still scooting , not as often.

A game changer

I have a horse that has sensitive skin. I wouldn't believe him, but his mom and sister was the same. White hair has tender pink skin under it. He gets upset with me using the shedding blade, and cringes when I use any type of harsh brush, even the expensive german brushes I have.
With the Furbliss brush, he doesnt do that. It is create that it gives a full massage to the horse, while getting dirt and shedding hair off easily. For me, it fits in my hand easily and prevents fatigue. I LOVE this brush, and would recommend it to any horse owner. It also is well made and should last indefinitely.

Very Happy!!!

I am very happy with the results of Glandex!

Good product

My Yorkie has a highly sensitive stomach. So far this has been great for her. No stomach issues since using this.

Exactly what I ordered

The order was exactly what I saw & read online. Our dog is more comfortable & tolerates the gland wipes. She also likes the little chews. Shes not scooting so much anymore and seems more calm since her gland isn't so sore. Thank you for a nice product.

The best!

Pricey, but worth the price! I've tried other, much less expensive products, and there was little or no difference in the frequency of "leakage." Great product!

My dog loves it.

My dog has been on the chews for probably 6 months now. She has been getting tired of the chews so I decided to try the powder! She loves the powder! I was nervous on how well it would mix up with her dry food but it works out!

Great Product!

I use this product with my frenchies and I love it! It’s amazing how Glandex has changed our lives. We went from having anal gland issues everyday to none! The product is not only amazing, but so is the company! I recommend Glandex to all of my friends and family!

Hi - This is Lucy!

I am still doing great! No vet visits since starting Glandex chews for internal anal gland expressions- we are very thankful for that! I am now pooping and not scooting! Yay!

Glandex® Peanut Butter Soft Chews for Dogs - 120 Chews FREE SHIPPING

Glandex® for Dogs & Cats - 2.5 oz Beef Liver Powder

The cure

This stuff cured my dog’s anal glands, no longer full. Plus she loves the taste!

Doesn't seem to be working

I have been giving this to my cat since having his anal glands expressed when I noted his scooting. Even after this and giving him Glandex, the scooting continues. I was hoping this would help him but it doesn't seem to be working.

Furbliss is the only brush that you can use on a Bull Dog!

The Furbliss works so well on our Bully and he loves it. It massages him as your brushing. It truly collects a lot of hair. It also removes hair from clothes and furniture. I am very pleased with this new invention it works perfectly.


So the dogs have been on this for about a month now, and I am seeing quite an improvement.Im going to give it some more time and see if it hopefully knocks it out completely. The Pork liver seems to be enjoyable for them , I mix with cheese shreds just to be safe...

Over time it works well

I’ve been increasing the dosage to get better results. He has reduced his scooting and he has firmer stools. You just need patience.

Too soon to tell but...

Jasper has been having AG issues for a few months now. Been taking him monthly or so to the vet to get expressed. He’s been on Glandex powder for 2 weeks (but not consistently daily) and it seems like his stool is still soft and his AG seem to be LEAKING now. Woke up in the middle of the night to find his little sheet soaked behind his bottom. Maybe it means it is working and his glands were just very full? Not sure. Will give it to him consistently for a full week and see if there’s any change.

Glandex makes for a happy dog!

I love the Glandex wipes. They are nice and moist and my bully feels fantastic after a good wipe down with their wonderful neutralizing capabilities. I will never use any other wipe for my dog. Their the best!

This works!

I love the wipes. The powder is easy to administer and I think it is helping him. I still catch him scooting occasionally. But it is not as bad.


I had made this purchase to help my cat with her bowels. Her hands were keeping her bowels all find up. After two weeks, I noticed a difference. Great product!

Glandex for Cuddles

Great stuff

Glandex® Peanut Butter Soft Chews for Dogs - 120 Chews FREE SHIPPING

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