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I work with a rescue and we start 4 of our dogs on Glandex.

All 4 have a great deal of relief from Glandex.

We did fine that 3 of the 4 decided after taking the chews for several days that they did not like the taste. But they are fine with the powder.


the best review will be if my 12yr old shih tzu doesn't need his anal glands emptied (something he has been having done every 2-3 months)

Glandex Anal Gland Support Starter Kit - FREE SHIPPING

Glandex® Peanut Butter Soft Chews for Dogs - 120 Chews FREE SHIPPING

It has improved

Haveing started FRED on the powder his condition has improved quite a lot he is more comfortuble and his rear end is starting to dry up. fred has had all sorts of vetanary drugs whitch have made no improvment over the 2 years he has sufferd, fred is a 14yo AKITA and i will continue useing this as long as he is HAPPY ...........Mr Mccord

glandex starter kit

Thanks for my purchase!

Great customer service but product didn’t work

I had nothing but excellent communication with customer service staff when I called. Very helpful and polite, thank you. Unfortunately it did not get rid of my dogs issue. She loves the taste though! I called after two months of use, customer service sent me an extra bottle so that I could double the dose, which I very much appreciate it! Unfortunately doubling the dose still did not fix my dogs problem and they refunded my money. I appreciate the quality of business provided!

Glandex® Peanut Butter Soft Chews for Dogs - 120 Chews FREE SHIPPING

No more licking

We used to have to get my dogs anal glands expressed monthly, after using Glandex powder we are only having to do expressions a few times a year.
Tula is not licking at all. Highly recommend!


Working good so far. It has been about 1 week he has been on the full dose so we will know more in a month or 2.

Glandex® Peanut Butter Soft Chews for Dogs - 30 Chews

great pet brush

Works great with shampooing. Also the other side works surprisingly well to remove fur from clothing.

works very well---chew is good for dogs with beef allergy

Wow, we were going to the vet twice per month to get the dreaded squeeze. I first tried glandex powder and it worked for anal glands but the dog was trying to chew her paws off. If beef allergies are an issue, try the peanut chews. I contacted the company and asked if I could return the powder and they said keep it---let us send you a free bottle of chews. Awesome !!

My vet also wanted me to add veggies to her food to add more bulk---I am doing both glandex plus a tablespoon canned peas or corn. The key for my dog was to get a firmer, larger poop so that the glands get activated. Her poops are twice the size, firm but not hard, and it seems to do the trick. My dog is a Havanese who weighs about 12.5 pounds. One chew per day is needed (a little more than the label says for her weight). Anyway, its been about 6 weeks and I am grateful to have found something that works. She is not super excited about the peanut chews as a "treat" but she always eats them.

Glandex® Peanut Butter Soft Chews for Dogs - 60 Chews

Boot and scoot

It works grate

Love my pets rubber brush!

Furbliss brush works great and Bella loves being brushed by it! She comes out all shiny and pretty!

Glandex® Peanut Butter Soft Chews for Dogs - 120 Chews FREE SHIPPING

Works well

Started this with my two dachshunds and it has greatly reduced, almost eliminated the leakage.

Took dog to vet last week for bath and anal gland and they said it was a lot better and easier to get out.

Gift purchase

This was a gift for a friend who seemed extremely pleased with her gift.

Great brush

Used on my horse and it’s the middle of summer and it took a good amount t of hair off, tapped and it all came loose easy to grip easy to use

Love this product, it’s been amazing for my dog.

waiting to boot the scoot

it has only been a few weeks and still have some issues with my dog , she has been back to the vet , twice in the past few weeks and is now on antibiotics and glandex, only time will tell!!!

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