Skin & Coat Care Tips for Your Social Media Pet Star

Pets are a major hit on social media, and followers love watching the daily antics of their favorite social media pet stars. Whether you have a universally loved dog-fluencer on your hands, are aspiring to pet fame, or just want to keep man’s best friend looking his best, here are a handful of our skin and coat care tips for your four-legged superstar.

Keep Your Dog Clean with Regular Baths

To maintain healthy skin and a vibrant coat, most dogs should be bathed at least once or twice a month. Keep in mind canines are not well-adapted for daily bathing, as this actually damages coats and skin by removing natural oils. Bathing your dog twice a month keeps their skin healthy and their coats fresh and shiny, so they’re ready for their close-ups. If you find your pet is looking particularly scruffy, use pet grooming wipes for daily hygiene and cleaning. Our feline friends take care of their own cleaning quite well, but wipes can also be used on cats.


Brush Their Coats

From straight to shaggy, all types of coats require a good brushing using a brush suited to your dog’s breed. Consider speaking to your vet for advice on brush types and then keep your pup well-groomed with a thorough brushing every few days. A brush made of metal, steel, or wire can do more harm than good in some instances. Instead, search for a softer brush designed not just to keep their coat looking smooth and shiny but that can also help stimulate circulation, muscles, and joints. You may also want an allergy-friendly brush if your pet has skin allergies. Do keep in mind, consistent brushing is also encouraged for cats.

Healthy Diet

 A healthy and well-balanced diet is another key to a shiny coat and healthy skin. Look for pet foods that contain natural ingredients and consider adding a touch of vegetable or coconut oil to their food. You should also shop for pet foods containing Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Not only do they help keep canine coats shiny, but they may also support the immune system, promote a balanced mood, and may offer joint support. Choose healthy treats for dogs as well, including raw vegetables like carrots. Your vet can provide advice on the best diet suited to your dog or cat’s specific needs.

Reduce Persistent Itching

Skin irritations due to parasites, allergies, and skin conditions can lead to constant biting and scratching. This can leave bald patches that can ruin your pet's star quality. Of course, your primary concern is their comfort. Be sure you take steps to reduce parasites' risk by speaking to your vet about their recommendations. Look for supplements that come in a treat form to minimize symptoms and keep your pet comfortable for allergies. Also, use an antifungal and antibacterial shampoo, so their coat looks healthy and their skin is always protected. Pets with allergies should only be bathed with anti-itch and allergy shampoos. You can also use anti-itch and allergy relief sprays.


Natural Remedies

Coconut oil can be massaged into your dog’s fur for a few minutes to promote healthy skin and fur. You can also add a few drops to their shampoo. Oatmeal baths can also help maintain a healthy sheen for your dog’s coat while soothing itchy, irritated skin. If you find your dog is constantly itching, a soak in an oatmeal bath can help relieve their discomfort, which in turn will keep them from scratching away their fur.

Use Probiotic Supplements

Probiotics provide good bacteria to the digestive tract and support a healthy microflora, which helps your pet look and feel their best. There are other supplements available to support soft and shiny coats while assisting pets to avoid skin irritation.


Speak to Your Vet

Your vet can offer breed-specific tips on how to keep your pet’s coat and skin healthy. This is always the best first step to avoid any changes to the grooming routine that might be bad for your pet. If you are wondering how to get your dog Instagram famous, these tips will at least help keep their coat shiny, so they are always camera-ready!