Digestive Problems in Dogs & Cats

Life is not fun with an upset tum. As a pet parent, you can probably tell when your pet is feeling unwell as they may act out of character. While there can be many different causes for a pet experiencing digestive issues, in this article we will cover some of the most common ones! 

Common Causes for Digestive Issues in Dogs & Cats

  • Dietary Indiscretion

    • This is caused by a pet eating something they should not have eaten. For example: Garbage, table scrapes, or things found on the floor/street. 
  • Viruses

    • Commonly spread through feces from an infected animal.
  • Bacteria

    • Can be contracted through food poisoning and may possibly be passed on from animal to human.
  • Parasites and Worms

    • Usually transmitted when an animal eats the stool of another animal that is infected.
  • Pancreatitis

    • Caused by an infected digestive gland, by medications, or consuming something that is difficult for the pancreas to handle. For example, a meal high in fat.
A veterinarian should always be consulted for medical concerns regarding your pet- especially for ongoing digestive issues/ abdominal discomfort. However, adding a probiotic to your pet's daily diet may help aid in digestion! 

An effective way to treat/ prevent diarrhea or digestive issues, in general, is by adding a digestive support supplement to your dog’s daily diet. A probiotic taken in conjunction with a fiber-based supplement will not only help to regulate and aid in digestion but will also modulate the immune system, inhibit the growth and activity of harmful bacteria, and support brain function.

Probiotics such as Profivex® are essential to making sure pets are healthy, active, and live a long, full healthy life. Profivex ® is considered to be the best probiotic for dogs and cats not only because of all of its amazing benefits but also because it contains fiber! Probiotics are safe to give to pets daily or when they're having tummy problems. They can help shorten occurrences of diarrhea and they are important to give if your pet is on antibiotics or steroids. Both antibiotics and steroids can kill the healthy bacteria in your pet's gut.


Many probiotics marketed towards pets lack the correct strains of probiotics. Profivex®, however, contains five of the most beneficial strains for dogs and cats:


  • Bifidobacterium bifidum
  •  Enterococcus faecium

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus

  • Lactobacillus Plantarum

  • Streptococcus thermophilus