Furbliss™ Skin & Coat Daily Chews - 60ct
Furbliss™ Skin & Coat Daily Chews - 60ct
Furbliss™ Skin & Coat Daily Chews - 60ct
Furbliss™ Skin & Coat Daily Chews - 60ct
Furbliss™ Skin & Coat Daily Chews - 60ct
Furbliss™ Skin & Coat Daily Chews - 60ct
Furbliss™ Skin & Coat Daily Chews - 60ct

Furbliss™ Skin & Coat Daily Chews - 60ct

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Help your dog go from Scruffy to Fluffy

Furbliss™ Skin & Coat Daily Chews provide daily support to give your dog a silky coat while helping to reduce shedding and dandruff.  Skin and fur health doesn’t just come from regular grooming—it starts by providing your dog with the right nutrients. Our Furbliss Skin & Coat chews contain high levels of essential omega fish oils plus supportive vitamins and minerals that promote healthy hair growth and help to maintain soft, smooth skin from the inside out. It's amazing what a little chew and do!®

All-Natural Ingredients with NO Corn, Soy, or Wheat. Contains NO Artificial Preservatives.


How Furbliss Chews Work

Furbliss  is recommended by veterinarians to support healthy skin and fur in dogs. Each Skin & Coat Daily Chew contains 300mg of omega fish oil DHA and EPA to promote skin and coat health by locking in moisture and helping to maintain healthy levels of natural oils. Additional nutrients like CoQ10 and B-Vitamin complex provide extra support for full-bodied fur growth and overall skin health. Treat your dog to FurblissTM Skin and Coat Daily Chews in conjunction with the Multifunctional dog Brush and professional quality grooming products from our comprehensive Furbliss  line.  

Key Ingredients
  • Omega Fish Oil + EPA & DHA to promote a silky coat and help maintain skin’s moisture by balancing natural oils on the skin’s surface
  • Biotin to help maintain calm and moisturized skin and provide support for natural inflammatory processes of skin cells
  • CoQ10 to support overall skin health by naturally protecting the body from harmful effects of free radicals and supporting the immune system 
  • B Vitamin Complex to support skin and coat health on multiple levels; including B1 for acne-prone skin, B5 for skin healing, and B12 for healthy hair growth


Benefits of Furbliss™ Skin & Coat Daily Chews
  • Supports healthy skin & coat in dogs
  • Helps dogs maintain thick, shiny fur and prevent shedding
  • Provides nourishment for for dry skin to help with dandruff in dogs
  • All-Natural premium ingredients 
  • Veterinarian formulated & recommended


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
lydia Gellis
Amazing products!

Quality products, very impressed with the nearly instant results experienced from their products.). These little chews are magic! they literally softened my dogs fur in 1.5 weeks!

kay hyland
Furbliss and skin

Nothing wrong with the product. Just that my little guy is picky and if he doesn't like the smell he wont eat it. So I cut it up and add it to his food, hoping to disguise it so far so good. But I wad hoping it would help with his itching but doesn't seem to have helped much.


Works wonders for my dogs skin! She used to have dry itchy skin but after giving her these chews she doesn't even scratch anymore! Highly recommended!

Levina Serrano
Skin and coat chews

Have not used it long enough to be a good judge of item.

Thank you Furbliss!!

We were desperate to try a supplement, to help our Wirehaired Pointing Griffon get back her wonderful scruffy face and beard… between hunting through heavy brush and a new puppy in our home playing constantly in her face, she was looking quite sad!! She has been on Furbliss for 60 days and we see a vast improvement in her fur!! I was really amazed at how great this product worked. Keeping her on it, to get her back completely to the Griff face we love!!
(1st pic is the latest one taken)