Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Being that pets are a part of the family it only makes sense that they would be included in holiday festivities! It may be a time full of celebration, family, and fun but remember- safety first! Celebrating the holidays may be a bit different this year but at least we have pets to keep us company! 

Seasonal Plants & Decorations

  • Candles- Avoid leaving candles unattended as pets may burn themselves or knock them over accidentally.
  • Trees- Ensure that your holiday tree is securely anchored so it does not fall over or be knocked over by a mischievous pet.
  • Tinsel- This sparkly holiday decoration is loved by cats. If a pet accidentally ingests tinsel it can cause their digestive tract to be obstructed leading to severe vomiting, dehydration, and possibly surgery. 
  • Mistletoe & Holly- Mistletoe can cause an upset stomach and cardiovascular problems. Holly, when ingested can cause pets to suffer from nausea, vomiting, & diarrhea. If you have a household full of furry friends, it may be beneficial to purchase artificial plants. 
  • Wired Decorations- To avoid potential shock, keep battery-operated decor and anything electrical out of paws reach. 

Holiday Foods

  • Sweets- Make sure to not leave plates unattended as pets may try to sneak some food off of your plate! While not all human food is harmful to pets, chocolate and sweets containing xylitol can leave you spending your holiday season at the veterinarian’s office. 
  • Leftovers- As badly as your furry friend may want you to drop some leftovers in their food bowl, avoid any fatty, spicy, or bone-filled foods. 

Pet Quiet Time

Although you may not be having a big get together this holiday season, pets can still benefit from having a room designated for quiet time. Pet's love people but similar to their human companions, they enjoy taking an occasional break from the loud and overwheming festivities!

Happy Holidays to you and your four-legged friends from the Vetnique Labs Team!