September Vetnique Pet of the Month 'Swiggy'

With Glandex®, anal gland odor is no biggie for Swiggy! This three-year-old loves to chase anything and everything that dares to step foot in his yard, so if you are a squirrel, watch out! Swiggy spends his free time cuddling and napping with his mom. This is what his mom had to say about using Glandex® for him...

"I first noticed Swiggy scooting around, butt-scooting on my carpet, and then he would try to sniff his bum (at first I thought he was being silly, chasing his tail). Unfortunately, this continued, so we took him to the vet/ his doctor, that's when we found about his anal gland issues. Swiggy's doctor/vet expressed his glands that day. When we got back home, he was Great, back to his normal Quirky self. A week later, he started doing the same stuff, butt-scooting, etc.. took him back to the vet. That's when his doctor explained to me that some dogs have this problem their whole life, and I would have to learn how to express his anal glands myself or bring him to the vet once or twice a month, depending on how severe it was. I tried to express his glands myself to save money (each visit to the vet was costly). Well, that definitely didn't work. Swiggy was very snippy, trying to bite me every time I even touched him because, by this time, he was on guard 24/7; he was afraid that I was up to something (trying to express his glands). It was heartbreaking because I couldn't even pet him anymore without him being paranoid. I was Very Concerned, so I started looking online for stuff I could do to get us through this horrible situation.

Late one night, I was surfing the web, and that's when I found "VETNIQUE LABS." I had no idea there was any treatment out there for anal gland problems. Our vet/doctor NEVER even mentioned this. However, he did say that we could put Swiggy on a "Prescription Medication" to help with his situation, but we would still have to bring him to the vet/doctor each month or so for blood work, tests, etc.. to make sure the prescription medication wasn't affecting his liver, kidneys, etc. Needless to say, I was SO SCARED for my poor dog, having to put him on medication. The very night I found "VETNIQUE" Anal Gland Supplement, I ordered it, I received my order a few days later, immediately started giving Swiggy (1) one chew per day as directed (I LOVE the soft chews), made sure he wouldn't have any bad reaction to the chews, after a week I started giving him (2) two chews, he did fine with the "VETNIQUE" chews, by then I knew it was a waiting game, to allow them to get into his system, and start working. As days passed, the butt-scooting, sniffing, etc... STOPPED. HALLELUJAH! I was BEYOND HAPPY, EXCITED, and RELIEVED.

We've been using the "VETNIQUE" GLANDEX ANAL GLAND supplement, as well as the HYGIENE WIPES, for weeks now, and it has Truly been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. My dog is HEALTHY & HAPPY, and this Doggy Mom is HAPPY & RELIEVED, as well as my wallet, Lol. I can't possibly express how GRATEFUL, THANKFUL, and HAPPY I am to have found "VETNIQUE LABS" ANAL GLAND SUPPLEMENT, as well as their other products. THANK YOU SO MUCH for Giving my Sweet Little Fur Baby a NEW LEASE ON LIFE. My Doggy is HEALTHY & HAPPY because "VETNIQUE" cares about producing a WONDERFUL, SAFE, EFFECTIVE, EXCELLENT PRODUCT."